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Walkthrough: Using Statistics

To use the statistics functionality in Vanilla, first of all select the "Statistics" tab in the window:

this brings up the Statistics Panel:

The Default Statistics Panel

The Statistics tab is a great way to visualise how your data is broken up. For this walkthrough we'll use the Sample List and run through each of the Statistics. The first thing you need to do before you can get any statistics, is to press the "Generate Stats" Button:

Once you press the "Generate Stats" button, you will notice that all the buttons on the bottom of the statistics panel will be enabled:

The buttons on the bottom of the Statistics Panel are enabled now

Let's now start clicking. First click the "By Type" Button. This will result in the following graph:

Clicking the "By Type" Button

What does the graph mean? This graph visually shows you the breakdown of all the different Types that are in your List. As you can see, in the Sample List, there are four types, with "Movie" containing 70 items, followed by "Game" with 50. If you hold your mouse over the graph, Vanilla will show you the details of the bar that your are on. Let's get on to the next Statistic, and show you another nice thing you can do. Let's press the "By Genre" button. Doing so will generate the following graph:

Clicking the "By Genre" Button

As you can see, there are a few more bars to this graph! By default, Vanilla will display up to 10 bars. You will notice on top of the Statistics Panel, there is a slider named "Number of Bars to Show". Let's change that to the maximum Vanilla will generate (This is dependant on the number of categories that you actually have - for example, if you have only 17 categories, then 17 will be the maximum that you will be able the choose).:

When we have reached the limit of Genres (There is a limit of 20 bars as any more it gets too cluttered!), the graph will look like this

Increasing the Number of Bars

As you can see from above, the Sample List only has 20 Genres in it. As you can also see, there is a little white box which says "Movie Western has 2 items". This is what pops up when you hover your mouse over a bar. For the rest of this walkthrough, will assume the default number of bars. Let's click on the next button, "By #". The resultant graph looks like this:

The "By #" Statistics

The above statistics shows you the breakdown of items by the Number of Discs. Depending on how you make your list, this could be useful. Let's click on the last button, the "By Format" button. This produces the following graph:

The "By Format" Statistics

Now you can see the breakdown of the different Formats in your List. Once thing to notice, is that next to the "Number of Bars to Show" slider, there is some text saying "The Top 10 Formats in your list. (Total number off items show: 137)". As with the previous graphics, you know that there are 155 record in the Sample List. This is an indication that there a few more bars that can be added to the list.

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