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This is the FAQ's for Artificial People

  • Why can't i run the program?
  • Make sure that you have .Net v2.0 installed.

  • I am having payment issues for the license.
  • Please contact us with all of the relevant details.

  • I am having problems with something.
  • Don't hesitate and contact us with your problem.

This is the FAQ's for Vanilla
  • How may licenses do i get with Vanilla?
  • Once you pay for your license, you can install a full version of Vanilla to three PC's. But remember you can still view your lists on any number of computers, as the demo version has no record limit.

  • What do I need to send so that a friend can read my list?
  • All you have to send is the .VAN file, and the Vanilla.exe file. Your friend will be able to read you list by running Vanilla.exe

  • Vanilla doesn't start
  • On some machines, the .net framework can take some time to load up. Also make sure that you are running Vanilla from a local drive, or if you are using it on a Network, make sure you have your .Net network security set up (this is a "feature" on .net)