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Walkthrough: List Maintenance

List Maintenance is an Advanced Function. It is used to manipulate changes throughout the list that would otherwise be repetitive and very boring to do manually! List Maintenance is quite a complex topic. First of all, we need to get to the List Maintenance Window. To do so, we just select it by going to Tools->List Maintenance from the Pull Down Menu in Vanilla. Once we do, the following Window Appears:

Here are some things that we can perform in the List Maintenance Window:

- We can Rename a Genre

- We can Rename a Type

- We can Rename a Format

- We can delete every entry that has a particular Genre

- We can delete every entry that has a particular Type

- We can delete every entry that has a particular Format

The List Maintenance window can be broken down into two different Tasks - Rename and Delete. For this walkthrough we'll work though a sample of each of these. It is irrelevant of which type (Genre, Format and Type) that we are going to use, as it is the same action on any of the types. Just Select Which Section you are interested in:


For example, lets rename every instance of Type "Game" to "PC Game". We could go through the entire list, and manually rename each individual Game Type to our desired one. This is long winded and there could potentially be a lot of entries, can become very boring and time consuming. We want to set up the List Maintenance Window like this:

So the above would read as: "I want to Rename a Type from my list called Game and it will be renamed to PC Game". Vanilla will auto populate the list according to what you want to change. Press the "Test Results" Window, and with this example, the preview list changed all of the "Games" into "PC Games":

If your are happy with the result, press the "Make Changes" Button, and the list will then permanently be changed. Then you can apply more changes if you desire or just close the window.


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