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Walkthrough: Using Comments

You might of noticed that when you load up the Sample List, that there is a Comments Window that popped up. It looked like this:

The Comment Window when you load the Sample List

How can you change the Comment? or even have it so that there are no Comments? That is easy. There are several ways to edit the Comment. As you can see from the above screenshot, you can press the "Edit Comment" Button from the bottom of the window. This will take you the the Comment Editing window. If the Comment window is not displayed when you load a .VAN file, one way that you can edit it, is either, select the "Comment" button in the toolbar, or press File->Edit Comment from the Pull Down menu in Vanilla. What happens when you go to the Comments Window? Well. the following window appear:

The Comment Window is fully resizable to your needs. There are a few buttons on top of this window:

Clean Up - Cleans up text if you past from places like .nfo files. (The same way that it does with your descriptions)

Paste - Pastes the current contents of the Clipboard into the Comment.

Clear Text - Clears the Comment

Cancel - Closes the Window, but you will loose all changes created since this window was opened

Save Changes - Saves what you've added to the Comment and then goes back to the main Vanilla Window

Once you have set your comment, every time you reload the .VAN file, it will display the Comment

What if I don't want to have any comments in my List?

This is really simple. Just go to the Comments Window, and press the "Clear Text" Button, and then Save. Then there won't be any comments displayed when the list is loaded up again.

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