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What is Ranger?

Ranger is a RA (Returns Authorisation) logger. What this means, is that it is used to log log all the Warranties and Credits that come back to your workplace.

This program was written for my work. I was using a .txt file in notepad to keep track of all the claims that came in. This was not very good, as it was very rigid and hard to maintain. I wanted to make a more easy to maintain program. A program that with advanced search facilities, also the odd statistics wouldn't hurt. I wrote Ranger, in a way to come up with a suitable program, also i used Ranger to learn all about C#. Ranger was actually my first C# program I wrote. I use Ranger on a daily basis, as I currently work processing Warranties and Credits for a Computer Wholesaler. Ranger has a nice GUI that i pleasing to the eye. it is very handy to keep tracks of all the Open and closed claims that come in through RA.

Ranger is written in C#, and it used the .Net v2 framework (it requires .net v2 to run)

Ranger Features:

  • Easy To Use
  • Keeps Track of your records
  • Can enter anyone as a customer
  • An Item code can have an associated Description (this can be as long as you want!)
  • All off the records are completely search able
  • Auto-Generated RA numbers
  • Can find out all claims referenced to a particular client
  • Can filter out Closed jobs, so it just shows what is left Open
  • Find out who claimed against a particular item
  • Comprehensive statistics:
    • Total Open to Closed Warranties
    • Total Open to Closed Credits
    • Ratio of Warranties to Credits
    • Shows the top 3-30 Customers who have the most Claims
    • Shows the top 3-30 Items that have been claimed for (including and excluding Quantities!)
  • Unlimited number of items per claim
  • Unlimited quantity of a particular item for a claim
  • Detailed text logging facility.
  • Data is all saved as a .XML files, so you can load up the data files in any XML compatible program. (You just need to add .XML to the filenames!)

If you have any suggestions or comments about Ranger, please go to the Contact Section

Download  v1.2.0.8 (334kb) (In a Windows .MSI Install)

License: Freeware

Runs under Windows XP, Vista. It will run as long as you have the .Net v2 Framework installed

A Guided tour of Ranger

This is to see Ranger in action.

Version History:

v1.2.0.8 (13 May 2008)

  • ADDED: Added a way to reopen a closed case (via the tool strip).
  • CHANGED: Tooltip duration
  • FIXED: The Edit window now resizes the column of the items codes properly
  • FIXED: Ambiguity in the Search Results - more details now
  • FIXED: Search window now can be sized as needed

v1.2.0.5 (6 Mar 2008)

  • ADDED: Now the user can choose what font to use for the Edit Items Lists. (changed via the Preferences)
  • ADDED: In the EditWindow, the user can now double-click on the items to change the quantity
  • ADDED: Statistics - now you can have a variable amount of items displayed
  • FIXED: in the Ranger Main Screen, Cancelling a Add/Edit of a Credit/Warranty no longer redraws the list.
  • UPDATED: the Main Ranger Cases now show the filtered lists with #/total way.
  • UPDATED: Changed the Keyboard shortcuts so that they use the ALT key instead of the CTRL.
  • UPDATED: Added more details to the Statistic Bars

v1.2.0.1 (16 November 2007)

  • FIXED: The toolbar panel, the buttons were uneven in height
  • FIXED: On some systems, the toolbar buttons "About" and "Exit" were swapped around.
  • FIXED: The Menu up top, "Close Claim" and "About" needed to be swapped around.

v1.2.0.0 (8 November 2007)

  • FIXED: Got rid of the custom buttons. had too many drawing issues. Did them another way - They work better now.
  • FIXED: Column display and setup.
  • FIXED: Made case description (Main window) less cluttered!
  • FIXED: Miscellaneous Small bugs fixed
  • FIXED: If the database has been changed, it will reflect this properly
  • FIXED: When Ranger started up, it didn't present a filtered list. this is fixed now
  • FIXED: One of the Stats buttons was setup wrong. fixed
  • FIXED: If Ranger started up without an preferences file present, it would produce an exception. fixed.
  • ADDED: Pull-Down Menus to make Ranger more accessible
  • ADDED: Open/New to the Pull down menu.
  • ADDED: The functionality to Open/New/Save As code for the files
  • ADDED: When you select an item from the list to Edit, it will reselect it when you finish editing
  • ADDED: Introduced Icons to the program. It looks nicer now :)

v1.1.5.4 (27 October 2007)

  • First Public Release
  • Fixed: About window - Remade it to show more/correct information
  • TODO: Since Ranger was written initially only to be used by me, and now it is released to the general public, I need to change the way it writes the data files (as there was no Open option - as it used rigid filenames). Need to implement a Open/Save/Save As option.