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12 October 2011

I have decided to make Vanilla "Donationware".  What this means is that you pay what the programs are worth to you, and only if you want to pay, otherwise you can use the programs regardless if you pay or if you don't. for more Information as to how to donate, please Go To The Donate Page

7 October 2011

Artificial People have launched a new web site.

On this site, we have three programs that you should check out:

Vanilla v1.0
Vanilla is the ultimate list program, so that you can keep track of all the CD/DVD/Tape/Record and more, media that you own. It is designed to be very flexible, as you can add any kind of media (i.e., PC Games, Movies, Xbox games etc..). Vanilla also incorporates several useful and powerful functions, which are explained below:

Vanilla Features:
* Easy To Use
* Keeps Track of all of your Media (for example: CD's, DVD's, Tapes)
* The list can be Grouped to any number of columns (for example: Group by every Genre and Type)
* Sort the lists via any of the fields.
* Add/Edit/Delete items to the list.
* Vanilla features "adaptive learning" - Just type in what you to use (in the "Type", "Genre" and "Format".fields)and you can then use it from then on!
* Facility for saving "Your Favourites" - Just drag and drop (or use the menu/toolbar). Select what you are interested in, and then drag it to the favourites list. You can even save this list to a text file for future reference.
* When you add details to an item, you can paste the description of the item from "dirty text" sources (like .nfo files, or text files with a lot of non-text characters), then press the "Clean Up" button. Vanilla will automatically remove all of the junk characters!.
* Extensive Search Engine. Looking for anything in particular? simply search for it - and as a bonus, you can copy the results straight to the "My Favourites", so you can have a record if it
* Select the amount of text to show on the main list for Name and Description.
* You can perform advanced List Maintenance. Say you want to remove every occurrence of "Video CD" from your list, you can easily do that. Or do you want to rename every occurrence of "Game" to "PC Game" in your list? It's easy.
* Your list data can be exported as a XML, Text or CSV file. Alternatively, you can save in Vanilla's native compressed file format (the files are small!)
* You can attach detailed comments to each of your lists.
* Vanilla provides a large range of interesting Statistics, so you can see the breakdowns on your list.
* Comprehensive Help Screen.
* Vanilla remembers your screen settings. So the next time you start Vanilla, it will be in the place where you left it!

Ranger v1.2.0.8
Ranger is a RA (Returns Authorisation) logger. What this means, is that it is used to log log all the Warranties and Credits that come back to your workplace.

Ranger Features:
* Easy To Use
* Keeps Track of your records
* Can enter anyone as a customer
* An Item code can have an associated Description (this can be as long as you want!)
* All off the records are completely search able
* Auto-Generated RA numbers
* Can find out all claims referenced to a particular client
* Can filter out Closed jobs, so it just shows what is left Open
* Find out who claimed against a particular item
* Comprehensive statistics:
    * Total Open to Closed Warranties
    * Total Open to Closed Credits
    * Ratio of Warranties to Credits
    * Shows the top 3-30 Customers who have the most Claims
    * Shows the top 3-30 Items that have been claimed for (including and excluding Quantities!)
* Unlimited number of items per claim
* Unlimited quantity of a particular item for a claim
* Detailed text logging facility.
* Data is all saved as a .XML files, so you can load up the data files in any XML compatible program. (You just need to add .XML to the filenames!)

Datum v1.01
Datum is a Date Calculation program
Have you ever wanted to know:
* What day it would be in 100 days?
* How many days old you are?
* What the date was 250 days ago?
* And many other Date-Related Issues?

Then Datum could be the tool for you. Datum is a small Date based Utility.

There are many more programs planned, either Shareware or Freeware.

Any comments, or feedback, please contact us.